Nevada woman reveals her huge tips as a beverage saleswoman working on a golf course

One job popularized by TikTok is called a “Bev Cart Girl” where a person drives from group to group on the green to get them drinks and sell them snacks.

At the forefront of Occupy’s online popularity is Cass Holland, who gained 1.9 million subscribers on the app by making videos of her experience working at Nevada’s Chimera Golf Course. .

She sometimes even shares the number of customers who tip her…and that can be quite heavy.

On her account called @cassholland, she receives millions of views sharing what her typical day looks like, or recounting funny interactions she has with customers during her shift.


And what a day! #cartgirl #golf #golflife #golfers #golftok

Holland regularly suggests to his followers that if they want to make money, working a beverage cart on a golf course is the way to go.

After all, in a popular video, the Connecticut native revealed that she sold a man a Dr Pepper for $3.50 and he tipped her with a $20 bill. There are even TikToks you can find on her sharing that she won a $100 tip ticket.

Viewers seem to envy her work and also recognize how much golfers seem to adore the course employee with comments on her videos like “It’s her world and all the golfers live in it 😂😭” or “I clearly have the bad job”.


Spring golf season is my favorite season😏💰⛳️💕 #cartgirl #golfers #golf #golftok #golflife #Totinos425

The content creator, who is usually seen wearing a pink outfit, personalizes the drinks she makes for customers by adding edible sparkles she calls “pixie dust”.

She doesn’t have just any boring cart either, as she adds her own style by often using her golf cart with brightly patterned seat covers, decorating for the holidays, and occasionally adding balloons.

According to the official TikToker website, she started her current position in the Las Vegas area during the pandemic in 2020 and has been enjoying it ever since.

Holland did not immediately respond to Narcity’s request for comment on his success on TikTok.