New ROEQ Trolley Solution Doubles the Payload of MiR’s Most Popular Autonomous Mobile Robot

VISSENBJERG, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Doing more with less is what users of the MiR250 mobile robot will achieve with the new ROEQ TMS-C500 Ext and S-Cart500Ext. As the product names suggest, the new top module/trolley combo allows the robot to carry up to 500 kg (1102 lb) payload, doubling the payload of the best-selling Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) of Mobile Industrial Robots.

The design of the TMS-C500 Ext top module also allows the transport of bulkier cargo up to 1.2 meters (47.2 inches) in length without compromising safety, as the emergency stop button is easily accessible . Increased tilt stability is provided by the longer wheelbase of the S-Cart500 Ext.

“We know of no other trolley solution on the market that allows this level of payload increase with the same maneuverability,” says Michael Ejstrup Hansen, Managing Director of ROEQ. “It’s the ideal solution for companies looking for a safe and cost-effective AMR solution,” he says, adding that the smaller robot with increased payload is ideal for companies looking to transport autonomously heavier goods in narrow and space constrained areas.

The ROEQ cart solution picks up and deposits the ROEQ S-Cart in free space. This means that no fixed floor space or docking station is needed for pick-ups, giving companies flexible use of their AMRs in an efficient logistics handling setup where robots are never left idling.

ROEQ’s Standardized Mobile Robotic Equipment (MRE) is not only fully compatible with MiR AMRs, it also supports AMR deployments that are fully compliant with applicable safety regulations. “We release off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf robotic equipment that has been well tested,” says Hansen. “We put our knowledge of designing cart systems for AMR into this new solution, raising the bar of what cart systems can handle while harnessing the full potential of the powerful MiR250 robot.”

Like all ROEQ top modules, the TMS-C500 Ext comes with ROEQ Assist software that loads pre-coded missions into the MiR robot, which can then be edited in the MiR interface, allowing for quick and easy application deployments. consistent for robust AMR setups throughout. ease.

The new cart solution for the MiR250 is the latest AMR payload amplification offering from ROEQ, which also recently launched the TMS-C1500 and S-Cart1500W top module and cart that enable the MiR1350 AMR to be deployed on applications with payloads up to 1500 kg. (3307 pounds) for the first time.

Visitors to MODEX, America’s largest materials handling show, will have the chance to see the ROEQ MRE in action at the company’s booth #B3003 in Atlanta, GA, March 28-31.

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About ROEQ

ROEQ develops mobile robot equipment that effectively bridges the gap between warehouse and production, enabling industry to realize fully automated internal logistics between storage and production. ROEQ was founded in 2017 and is a 100% Danish company with the majority of robotic components also supplied by Danish companies. Today, ROEQ develops, manufactures and sells its products in nearly 40 countries through more than 100 distributors.

The ROEQ range of overhead modules, trolleys, racks and lifting and roller solutions allow an AMR robot to pick up/drop trolleys or pallets with items on, for example, a conveyor belt without human intervention. ROEQ equipment is used in the industrial and logistics sector as well as in the health sector.