People realize there’s a specific place to put your cart in the self-checkout – but others have pointed out a major flaw

People realize that there is a specific place to place your cart at a self-checkout machine, but others have pointed out a major flaw in the system.

A social media user took to Instagram to reveal he was ‘blown away’ after seeing images of a shopping cart fitting perfectly to one side of the self-checkout.


A video clip shows what appears to be a small basket being pushed into the area to the right of the scanning machineCredit: Instagram/
Some shoppers say their carts weren't suitable for the self-checkout machine when they attempted the hack


Some shoppers say their carts weren’t suitable for the self-checkout machine when they attempted the hackCredit: Getty

The person in the video explains, “When you find out where the cart is supposed to go to self-checkouts, instead of being inconvenient for everyone.”

The video clip shows what appears to be a small-sized shopping cart being pushed into the area to the right of the scanning machine and screen.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user noticed the same purchase unknown hack, saying, “This has got to be one of the most useful things I’ve seen in a while!

“The small supermarket trolley fits the self-service checkout.”

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“How many of you knew that?” added the person.

Next to the Tweeter was a photo of a trolley placed at the self-service checkout at Woolworths Ltd, a supermarket chain in Australia.

Not everyone reacted so enthusiastically in the comments, however, with a handful saying their carts didn’t match the self-checkout machine when they attempted the hack.

One Instagram user replied, “It doesn’t work on any of mine. Carts are much deeper.”

Another commented on the Instagram post, “Yeah, depends where!

“It’s at Coles in Australia and we have both shallow and deep carts, but the deep ones do NOT fit like this shallow one.

“They take up so much space it’s so boring.”

A third person said: “It’s specific to this store/chain… that’s why there’s a sticker there.”

“Actually it doesn’t fit at Walmart,” wrote a fourth.

A BuzzFeed reporter provided insight into the cart hack.

She wrote: “Full disclosure: as far as I can tell this only works seamlessly with one of those mini carts and a crate at Coles or Woolies.

“I can’t guarantee it would work in your local. BUT WATCH HOW SMOOTHLY SHE SLIDES IN.”

Meanwhile, a Walmart employee has revealed the hacks he claims are the best to use when checking out in self-checkout if you want to save time.

TikTok user @walmartopd1176 shared helpful tips when grocery shopping at Walmart.

And Kroger introduced a new tool that changes the way shoppers use self-checkout.

The major retailer first piloted the KroGo cart in fall 2020 – a buggy with built-in technology.

Customers scan and place items in the cart as they move up and down the aisles.

But Kroger bosses have warned customers should put their belongings in the basket before they start shopping.

The retailer said it “prevents the need for help at checkout.”

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Officials gushed about the KroGo, saying buyers will have the “easiest checkout ever”.

But customers who like to pay for their groceries in cash will be disappointed.