Prayagraj youth operate their internet cafe from a handcart | Allahabad News – Times of India

PRIYAGRAJ: This is net neutrality redefined. Shivam Gupta, 23, has no degree in computer science or information technology. What he has is heaps of courage and presence of mind to thwart the odds. The result is RCG Global Service – its mobile internet cafe operated from a handcart in Prayagraj. Unemployed since losing his job in a car factory in Manesar three years ago, he is now also an “employer”.
Shivam and his mobile cafe could be spotted in the areas around the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in the Naini area of ​​the city and is a jumping off point for visitors coming here for their driver’s license and needing to print their documents. His internet cafe on wheels has become the talk of the town for his brainchild of earning a living.
“After losing my job in Manesar, I had nothing to do to meet my daily expenses. It had become very difficult for my family to survive. That’s when I had the idea to develop a mobile internet center that runs on an inverter,” he says. He somehow raised Rs 55,000 and bought a ‘thela’ (handcart) and other computer equipment to start his business.
This café now has a laptop, UPS, printer, keyboard and mouse in addition to the wi-fi facility. In addition to producing printouts of documents, he also helps competition candidates fill in forms. Some other additional services are train ticket booking and money transfer. He now earns between 30,000 and 35,000 rupees a month and has given work to another youth.
“After my father passed away in 2018, it was quite difficult for me and my family as he was the sole breadwinner. After losing my job, I opened a tea stall. So I took the opportunity to open this mobile internet cafe as I have sufficient knowledge of computers and online work despite not having a professional degree or courses,” Shivam said.
He added: “Now I can take better care of my mother and my sisters.”