Rambo the orangutan from Dubai drives a golf cart, Porsche Boxster

It’s not everyday you see a famous orangutan named Rambo driving a golf cart or a shiny Porsche Boxster sports car, but today is that day. While this viral video of Rambo driving the golf cart is entertaining, don’t limit it to golf carts. This mobile lady also knows how to work a skateboard, ride a kid’s motorcycle and off-road in her toy Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR 900 wheel drive.

Rambo isn’t new to driving golf carts, but the Porsche Boxster is new

Rambo the orangutan driving a golf cart in Dubai | Via Stephen Colbert on YouTube

Well, isn’t that something? Rambo the orangutan is not new to the viral video scene. She’s been filmed driving golf carts and other vehicles for a few years now. snopes says Rambo lives at the home of Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum, daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

This is a private zoo that houses all kinds of exotic and wild animals. In other videos, Rambo can be seen reading books about his family and wearing human clothes. But when it comes to the golf cart, it’s taken the internet by storm. Rambo looks like a pro driving around in her golf cart. Stephane Colbert recently shared the video and drew even more attention to the story.

So how did Rambo learn to drive a golf cart, let alone a Porsche Boxster?

The Porsche Boxster is a golf cart upgrade, but it prefers the SUV

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If you want to know more about Rambo and his life in Dubai, check out his story on the Animalia YouTube channel. In the videos, Rambo drives a fairly new golf cart with red and black seats. She confidently cruises around on the cart, inspecting the property as she drives. Rambo even hooks his hand to the roof, like many humans do on a regular day on the golf course. Arriving at the tiger cage, she simply walks past the big cats in the cage and continues.

Rambo’s babysitter said she didn’t start driving a golf cart one day. She first started out with toy cars and skateboards before she was old enough to get her driver’s license. A wheel-drive toy for kids wasn’t out of the question, but Rambo had to wait until he was older to hop in a golf cart. She couldn’t reach the pedals at first, but that’s all behind her.

But like most humans do, Rambo was recently upgraded with an all-new Porsche Boxster. It has shiny black wheels and an all-red interior, perfect for stylish Rambo outfits. She also drives a Nissan Patrol SUV when the situation calls for it.

I can’t stop Rambo from living his best life

As it is a private property, Rambo has a fairly free reign over the area. It may scare people to see a large orangutan driving around in a Porsche, but this is Dubai after all. In his spare time, Rambo likes to meet his orangutan friends and play scrabble. If you find yourself in Dubai soon, keep an eye out for Rambo driving a golf cart around the area. She could also be fishing in a fun hat by the water.

Once you learn how to drive a golf cart, the possibilities are endless. However, always keep a Nissan Patrol SUV handy when your Porsche Boxster cannot drive. Rambo’s Lessons.

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