Re-Engage Shopping Cart Abandons with Retargeting

By Rachel Burris, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Feathr

Associations aren’t typically placed in the e-commerce bucket, but between educational materials, conference registrations, and memberships, they have a lot to sell.

And with online sales comes cart abandonment, which occurs when shoppers add items to their cart but don’t complete the purchase. According to Baymard independent web research institutetracking cart abandonment rates for over 12 years, the global average cart abandonment rate is currently 69.8%.

There are several reasons why consumers abandon their online shopping after adding items to their cart. Some fail to complete a purchase due to security issues, long and complex checkout processes, or unexpected shipping and fees.

Others leave because they’re too busy or distracted by the constant buzz of push notifications, text messages, and other disturbances. Some consumers abandon carts simply because they realize they left their credit card in another room or decide they need to think about the purchase for a while.

The good news is that website visitors who abandon shopping carts have already shown interest in your products, services, or membership options and are therefore considered valuable leads.

Hot leads are much more likely to return to a site and complete a purchase than cold leads who have expressed no purchase intent. They just need a little push – and that’s where card abandonment campaigns come in, using retargeting to increase conversions based on previous site visits.

These digital marketing efforts directly lead to increased revenue, making it a valuable resource for associations of all shapes and sizes.

When the second (or third) time is the charm

Research shows that more than 95% of new website visitors are not ready to make a purchase. Shopping cart abandonment campaigns offer nonprofits the opportunity to welcome such visitors at a better time.

This type of online advertising uses cookies, or small pieces of data stored in the user’s browser, to follow leads around the web as they search for the perfect brownie recipe or down a rabbit hole. of search engine rabbit.

While several digital marketing platforms allow for cart abandonment campaigns, association marketers should look for retargeting advertising solutions with advanced tracking and analytics capabilities. They can then use this data to find out why visitors leave and segment user groups accordingly.

Marketers can segment users based on several variables, including whether they used a desktop or mobile device, whether they were directed to a site from organic or paid search, and the exact time they dropped out during the checkout process. This insight tells nonprofit marketers the reasons behind cart abandonment and allows them to craft creative copy and visuals that address those pain points.

For example, if a user leaves the site during the postage stage, this may indicate that the charges are too high. To solve this problem, the association’s marketers could order their platform to automatically serve an eye-catching ad with a coupon code for free shipping.

The options are limitless; just keep studying the analytics and trying new creative approaches. Some of the best digital marketing platforms even offer third-party help with digital marketing strategy, creative design, and campaign management.

An eye on member experience and ROI

Reminders can give visitors the push they need to revisit your site in a busy world. At the same time, Internet users do not want to feel haunted by repetitive advertisements. To ensure that a campaign does not become distracting, some digital marketing platforms may limit the number of times an ad appears.

The marketing platform Feather allows associations to limit the frequency of campaigns and stop serving these advertisements to visitors who have already, for example, registered for a conference.

In addition to providing a better experience for members, these frequency limits also ensure that an association does not pay for ads that are annoying, irrelevant and ultimately go against them.

Feather— A marketing platform that helps nonprofits deliver highly targeted ads based on interests and behaviors — specializing in cart abandonment campaigns. For more information on how Feathr helps over 900 charities build awareness, grow membership, promote events and generate new revenue, visit

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