Santa Claus in a golf cart returns to Broussard for the holidays

One of the most exciting parts of the Christmas season is Golf Cart Santa.

Yes, that is correct Golf Cart Santa. And it’s exactly what you think it is… Santa Claus riding a golf cart with several elves, music and of course lots of Christmas cheer.

Golf Cart Santa comes once a year during the Christmas holidays and my kids look forward to it all year round.

We plan where we’ll meet Golf Cart Santa and wait patiently for him to arrive (just kidding, no one is patient.) But we’re all having a great time.

Here is the Golf Cart Santa program this year:

December 3:
The illumination of the Tree at the Town Hall of Broussard
Saint Pierre
wise street

December 4:
why not
Lexi Falls
Trace of sugar
Sugar Trace South

December 6:
Communes Broussard to Saketini
Huval Holidays
Village of Broussard
Hogan Estates

December 10:
My garden

December 14:
Cypress crossing
deer meadow
Paige Square

December 16:
why not
Ride for Lane at Sable Palms 3
Cypress meadows
wise street

December 17:
Meadow Curve
Sand Pals 1 and 2

December 20:
Ella Trace
crystal cove
Transport lakes
island oaks

December 23:
Domains of Jordan
Y does not stop
wise street

Most of the stops are in the neighborhoods of Broussard. As you can see in the timetable photo, the highlighted areas are common stops that anyone can join.

Of course, the schedule is subject to change due to the weather.

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