SC Island Police warn golf cart drivers after dog was dragged from vehicle

PAWLEYS ISLAND, NC (WNCN) – Police on a South Carolina island are warning golf cart drivers after graphic video shows a dog being dragged by one of the vehicles recently.

Police on Pawleys Island, south of Myrtle Beach, posted the video to social media late Monday morning.

The video shows a golf cart traveling along a yellow-striped road and a dog on a leash appears to fall from the cart.

The cart driver then continued for several yards as the dog was dragged first to the side of the cart and then behind it. The driver eventually pulled off the road.

“Golf carts can be dangerous if not used in a safe manner,” police said with the video.

It’s unclear how the dog fell, but Pawleys Island police have suggested it may have been because the dog was in the driver’s lap.

“Please do not drive with children or pets on your lap. It is difficult to maintain control of the steering wheel and your passenger at the same time,” the police statement read.

Police said the dog was not “seriously injured”.

Golf carts are prolific in South Carolina beach communities, but there are rules drivers must follow.

Golf carts must stay on secondary roads with a maximum speed limit of 35 mph.

Other regulations state that the driver must have a license from the DMV as well as liability insurance. Golf carts must be driven by licensed drivers and should only be driven during daylight hours.

— WBTW contributed to this report