Seahawks DK Metcalf takes the cart to the bathroom mid-game

1. Early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Seahawks-Lions game, Seattle star receiver DK Metcalf was rushed to the locker room.

As Metcalf later explained in one of the best tweets you’ll ever see, he didn’t quit the game because he was injured. He just needed to go to the bathroom. AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Naturally, we have to break this down.

First of all, my first reaction when I found out that Metcalf had taken the cart because he needed to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible was complete bewilderment at the leisurely pace of the cart driver. There was simply no sense of urgency. I don’t know if these carts have a speed limit, but if I was Metcalf, I would have yelled at the floor guy.

It felt more like a casual ride, let’s see the scenery instead of a ride with this guy who’s about to poop his pants.

I will argue that Metcalf would have been better off running to the bathroom. Next Gen Stats once clocked Metcalf at 21.31 miles per hour. This cart couldn’t go over five miles an hour.

In defense of Metcalf, he said he didn’t ask for the cart. She was offered to him.

One thing I liked about Metcalf’s gut battle is that some people on Twitter immediately went into performance mode because they saw him get on the cart not knowing why he was on it and did the thoughts and prayers thing.

Yes, football IS brutal. But it also means having to relieve yourself when you’re not near the toilet, so I guess this tweet holds up.

Naturally, folks on Twitter made a lot of jokes about Metcalf’s saddles. Sports Illustrated won’t let me post the best ones, but here’s a sampling of some pretty decent reactions.

2. Funny reaction here from CBS’ Tony Romo after the microphones picked up a powerful F-bomb from Aaron Rodgers during the Patriots-Packers game.

3. CBS’ Ian Eagle paid a nice tribute to Coolio, who died last week during the Bills-Ravens game.

4. The Vikings beat the Saints on Sunday after New Orleans missed an tying pitch late in regulation that ended up hitting the goal post and crossbar.

The result: two grown men screaming “DOUBLE-DOINK” and going nuts in a hilarious scene at the Minnesota radio booth.

5. Fox’s Terry Bradshaw revealed on Sunday’s pregame show that he’s been dealing with some serious medical issues over the past year and is on the mend.

6. I’m sure some of you want a simple post-match interview when a coach leaves the pitch. Personally, give me stuff like this every day of the week. After Mississippi State beat Texas A&M on Saturday, an SEC Network sideline reporter asked Bulldogs coach Mike Leach about marriages. The result was a rare and memorable post-match interview.

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8. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Saturday Night Live did a solid job spoofing the ManningCast on this weekend’s show.

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