Shen City Council Holds Golf Cart Amendment Hearing Tuesday | News

(Shenandoah) — UTVs would be allowed on certain streets in Shenandoah as part of a proposed overhaul of city ordinances.

Meeting in regular session Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. at City Hall, the Shenandoah City Council is holding a public hearing on an amendment to the city’s golf cart ordinance. Shenandoah City Administrator AJ Lyman told KMA News that the amendment subjects UTVs to the same regulations as golf carts, including insurance coverage and proper safety equipment. Lyman adds that the amendment also limits UTVs to certain city streets.

“They can’t go on Highway 59,” Lyman said, “they can’t go on Anna Crose. There’s a few other little places there that they’re not allowed to go, where there’s higher speed traffic. This would simply allow UTVs to be considered for the same access as golf carts.”

Lyman says Mayor Roger McQueen and Police Chief Josh Gray crafted the amendment based on public feedback.

“It’s a pretty reasonable request,” he said. “Also, I think the city of Essex and parts of the county already allow it. It would just be another option for our citizens.”

Other public hearings relate to a proposed change to the city’s water withdrawal fee and the release of part of a lane between Elm and Church streets. Lyman says the amendment is designed to clean up language regarding the original aisle dish…

“On the original plan of the platform,” Lyman said, “it was almost like a double driveway, or a driveway with what I would call a boulevard in the middle. No evidence that it was ever established that way. of dissects the backyard of a property between their home and their detached garage. So it is before the board to leave this property to the owners.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Richard Jones is expected to be sworn in as the council’s newest general counsel member. Council members named Jones earlier this month to succeed Cindy Arman, who stepped down last month.

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