‘Shopping Cart Killer’ identified by Fairfax County, body found – NBC4 Washington

Fairfax County, Virginia police say the discovery of four bodies in two parts of the state is the work of a Washington, DC man they call “The Shopping Cart Killer”. Authorities say he brutalized and killed women he met on dating sites and used a shopping cart to transport their bodies.

Officials say there could be more casualties in the DC area and beyond.

“The good thing is that he is in custody. The challenge that remains is to identify other victims,” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said.

Fairfax County police believe suspect Anthony Robinson, 35, is a serial killer, they said at a news conference on Friday. Robinson was taken into custody in Rockingham County last month and charged with the deaths of two women.

Fairfax County, Virginia police say the discovery of four bodies in two parts of the state is the work of a Washington, DC man they call “The Shopping Cart Killer”. Reporting by Darcy Spencer of News4.

Police work and the discovery of two more bodies near a small motel in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County on Wednesday revealed what officials consider to be the rare case of a serial killer.

Robinson’s attorney has not released a statement, law enforcement officials said Friday.

According to an investigation by Fairfax, DC and Harrisonburg County police, Robinson met women online, went to motels with them, killed them and then transported their remains in shopping carts.

“Our cart killer is doing unspeakable things with his victims,” said Fairfax County Police Chief Davis.

Anthony Robinson, 35

Two Virginia women have been identified as victims, a DC woman is “tentatively” considered a third victim, and a fourth person has not been identified.

The bodies of Allene Elizabeth Redmon and Tonita Lorice Smith were found in open ground in Harrisonburg on Nov. 23, the city’s police chief said. Redmon was 54 years old and lived in this city. Smith was 39 and lived in Charlottesville.

Police tentatively believe Cheyenne Brown, a 29-year-old woman who disappeared from southeast DC on September 30, is among the victims. Her family identified her based on a distinctive tattoo, police said.

Brown was the mother of a 7-year-old boy and was pregnant, her family said in an interview with News4 earlier this month, desperate for answers about her disappearance.

A family member of Brown said he believed he saw Robinson at her home days before she disappeared.

Fairfax County police found two sets of human remains Wednesday near the Moon Inn hotel on Route 1, just south of the Capital Beltway. Investigators believe a set of remains found in a container near a shopping cart were Brown’s. The other person has not been identified. Police said they have leads for a missing person who was last seen in the area.

“He preys on the weak, he preys on the vulnerable,” Davis said.

Police told News4 that Robinson could also be linked to the death of 48-year-old Stephanie Harrison.

Her sister, Joei Harrison, says Stephanie flew from California to DC for sightseeing. She checked into the Moon Inn in Fairfax County in August and then disappeared.

Joei says Robinson and Stephanie were staying in separate rooms at the hotel. She says they didn’t know each other.

Stephanie had three adult children and three grandchildren. His remains have not been identified. Joei agreed to provide a DNA sample to help with the investigation into his sister’s death.

“When I think of my sister, I think of the life she lived,” Joei said of Stephanie. “She was beautiful and dynamic.”

Robinson is known to have lived in DC, Prince George’s County, Maryland and New York, Davis said. He has a “remarkable lack of a criminal history”, compared to the horror of the crimes he is charged with, the chief said.

Shopping Cart Killer Investigation Timeline

The bodies of Redmon and Smith were found a short distance from each other in a lot in a commercial district of Harrisonburg on Nov. 23, city police chief Kelley Warner said during a the press conference on Friday. Police believe the women were killed at different times. A shopping cart was found nearby.

Robinson was arrested after cellphone recordings and video evidence linked him to the women.

A few days later, on November 30, DC police contacted Harrisonburg police and told them about Brown, who was missing. Cellphone data and surveillance footage will later show Brown and Robinson were together the night the woman was last seen, police said.

A coordinated effort between the Harrisonburg and DC police departments has begun.

Recalling that the victims of the Harrisonburg murders were transported using a shopping cart, detectives observed a shopping cart in the wooded area not far from the Moon Inn. Next to the shopping cart was a single container

Fairfax County Major Crimes Unit Commander Ed O’Carroll

A week later, on Dec. 7, DC police called Fairfax County police and asked for help in locating Brown, the Fairfax County police chief said. Digital data showed Brown and Robinson were together on Route 1, “possibly at the Moon Inn” on the night of her disappearance, he said.

Detectives and a dead dog searched the area, but were unsuccessful. Members of the police department traveled to Harrisonburg to meet with police and gather information.

Ten days later, on Wednesday December 15, police received new information and returned to Route 1 to expand their search. Homicide detectives found something in a wooded area near the Moon Inn.

“Remembering that the victims of the Harrisonburg murders were transported by caddy, detectives observed a caddy in the wooded area not far from the Moon Inn. Next to the basket was an insulated container,” said Ed O’Carroll, commanding officer of the Fairfax County Major Crimes Unit.

Authorities have identified two sets of human remains.

The investigation is ongoing, and Fairfax County officials have pledged tireless work to close the case and bring justice to the victims and their families.

“Detectives worked non-stop,” Davis said.

Anyone who knows Robinson or was able to talk to him on a dating site is asked to contact the police.