So Crazy, It’s Cool: Build Your Own ‘Cinema Cart’

Under the “so crazy, it’s awesome” category comes the Cinematography Cart, a rolling photo-video stash. This might be something to consider for your future shoots.

Photographer and YouTuber Chris Lee, otherwise known as Pal2Tech, talks about the “trolley” he created to roll around his studio, and in many ways it offers a great (and incredibly detailed) way to organize your kit pieces.

I know I struggle to keep things where they need to be, especially with the competing demands of video, 360 video and photography all using different types of equipment. I often keep things in cabinets before a shoot and load the bags before I leave, but if you work consistently in an environment, like a studio, then having a standing setup like this makes sense.

So much advice falls into the “so simple, but why didn’t I think of it?” category. For starters, a metal kart, like the one he usesis ideal for all kinds of magnetic adhesive tools, such as magnetic cord ties. It’s probably also a good way to never misplace your Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera (with its magnetic back) as well.

Beyond that, many organizational tools are simple – from C-clampsfor spring clipsto the humble cardboard box that many electronic devices come in.

One of the most practical tips is to keep an external monitor (like the ANDYCINE Lee uses) permanently attached to the dolly so you can roll it over at any time to check focus if needed. It’s a nifty way to keep a useful tool handy and ready to go. There is also a zoom audio recorder with a wireless receiver already plugged in so you’re ready to capture audio at any time. There is also a healthy supply of Anker Power Core handy products in the cart, perfect for freeing you from the need to be near an outlet for many devices that support USB charging. I use a lot of these myself, and it’s great to keep the juice from my 360 cameras in the field, and it would be equally at home on a mobile cart.

I can see some of this applying to photographers in the field, keeping a Pelican Suitcase ready with this kind of organizational setup.

The most important advice shared by Lee is to keep things separate and compartmentalized, or as he puts it: “everything has a home, but no visitors are allowed”.

Watch the video to see his car in full, and if you have your own cool cart, share a picture of it in the comments below.