‘Struggled’ Queen Elizabeth is forced to use an electric buggy to get around Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth continues to battle rumors of failing health as her staff admitted on Monday March 28 that the Queen may not be able to attend her husband Prince Philip’s memorial service due to a difficulty walking and other mobility problems.

As she ‘struggles’ to return to her normal routine, rumors of poor health continue to follow the Queen after she missed the Commonwealth Day ceremony on March 14, and as she may miss her husband’s memorial on Prince Philip on Tuesday, many are concerned about the Queen’s health, according to Marie Claire.

“The queen is extraordinary. She continued with great vigor for years, but we must remember that she is 95 and not superhuman,” said Penny Junor, a royal biographer. “In other ways, she’s in great shape. The Queen is fantastic on Zoom calls, but I think events where she has to walk or climb stairs will no longer be feasible.

This comes as many in the royal circle admit that the Queen herself was unable to walk for long periods of time. She even recently received a luxury golf cart so she can easily drive around Windsor Castle with her pet dogs, with her staff saying the vehicle has been helpful in relieving her pain, Yahoo! News reported.

“The trolley arrived in the last fortnight. She and her aides have used it before,” the source said. “Her Majesty suffers from stiffness in her legs, so the trolley is a perfect solution for moving her.”

A royal source has confirmed she would expect more last-minute absences from the Queen at events on her calendar as she continues to recover her health and condition, while making sure to point out that other members of the royal family will. to be in his place at times like this.

“All events will now be scheduled so that if Her Majesty is unable to attend at short notice, another member of the Royal Family will still be attending,” the source said.

Queen Elizabeth II could not attend the memorial service for her husband Prince Philip as she continues to recover from past health issues for the past six months or so. Chris Jackson/Getty Images.