Sun Mountain makes the Speed ​​Cart V1R better, easier to use

Sun Mountain Golf has been manufacturing the Speed ​​Cart since 1999, and it has been their flagship push cart for over two decades.

Now, however, golf is enjoying a resurgence perhaps not seen since the launch of the Speed ​​Cart, and Sun Mountain is seizing the opportunity with the new Speed ​​Cart V1R ($270).

The Speed ​​Cart is a three-wheeled cart that opens in two quick steps. It has a top storage tray for anything you might need to grab quickly during a game: your phone, keys, balls, scorecare, tees and other knick-knacks. The storage tray also features a cup holder, umbrella holder and mesh tray for extra storage. Other accessories are sold à la carte, including a battery charger, an insulated pouch, a seat and a cigar holder.

The bag mounts are supposed to work best with the Sun Mountain Sync bag, but the Speed ​​Cart V1R is bag independent and designed to work well with a variety of bags from a multitude of manufacturers.

When not in use, the Speed ​​Cart V1R can fold up to a height of 16 inches with a width of 37 inches. It weighs just under 18 pounds.

The Speed ​​Cart V1R comes in 10 different colors and is available now.