Suspend doctor, UP panel says after HIV-positive patient was examined in bicycle cart

Ghaziabad: A committee of officers at the MMG district hospital in Ghaziabad recommended the suspension of a contract doctor and the termination of the services of a ward boy on Thursday, a day after an HIV-positive patient failed to receive of stretcher.

Officials said the patient in question was from a poor family in Sahibabad and was suffering from tuberculosis. She had previously tested positive for HIV.

The office of UP Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak ordered an investigation after a video emerged on Wednesday of a man pulling the bicycle cart with the patient. A panel of three members was then formed.

“The committee recommended the suspension of the contract doctor, Dr Sheel Verma, as well as the termination of the services of a ward boy, Mayank Kumar. It is alleged that they failed to provide the patient with a stretcher/wheelchair before referring her to a higher facility in Meerut. However, the family approached me while at MMG Hospital and sought an ambulance,” said Manoj Chaturvedi, Chief Medical Superintendent of MMG District Hospital.

“It was provided to them and the patient was referred by ambulance to Meerut Medical College. The doctor who examined the patient should have made efforts to get an ambulance to refer the patient to the higher facility,” CMS added.

The doctor, who examined the patient at the antiretroviral treatment center, said the ward had already closed at 2:30 p.m. when the patient and his family arrived for treatment.

“The ART center has no facility to examine or admit the patient and HIV positive patients are usually referred to the higher facility. The family alone brought their patient in the bicycle cart, and the ward was already closed for the day. As I was still there, I went out and examined the patient in the cart. She was immediately referred to the higher center. The family had brought the patient in the cart on their own from their home in Sahibabad,” Dr Sheel Verma said.