These bar cart ideas will have you wishing it was five o’clock

If you are a cocktail lover, you probably have a bar cart in your home. These often mobile stations are more than just a place to make a drink for yourself or your guests: they also serve as the focal point of the room, which means styling them appropriately is essential. Fortunately, there are so many approved interior designers bar cart ideas give it a try, and you’ll find several noteworthy options ahead.

To help you design your own bar cart, we reached out to several designers and asked for their top decorating tips. It turns out there are endless ways to organize these pieces. According to Vani Sayeed of Vani Sayeed Studios, your bar cart should be, above all, easy to use: “Style it so it’s attractive, yet accessible,” she says. “Do not fill all inch of space with liquor bottles“Instead, complete your bleachers” with pretty glassware, a mix of silver and glass, and a few unexpected surprises you’ll want to look at every day,” notes Elizabeth Gill of Elizabeth Gill Interiors. According to ShoshinAccording to Alexis Smith, the cups and carafes you use should have “interesting shapes and varying heights.” She also suggests searching eBay”cool glasses which can live permanently on shelves and add a splash of color. »

Make sure that all of these items—bottles of liquor, decantersraised barware and accessories, like flowers or a houseplant – fitting your station perfectly is also essential, note Jill Croca; you should have “everything you need in one place to create the perfect cocktail,” she says. Keep reading for even more bar cart ideas and learn how to place, group and style them to perfection.