Thomas and Keni Rosko: About the Salem Lakes Golf Cart Ordinance | The people’s voice

Late last year, an article appeared in the Kenosha News regarding the use of golf carts in the Salem Lakes area.

There was discussion at a board meeting to pass an ordinance allowing the use of golf carts in the Salem Lakes area. This ordinance would include all roads with a speed limit of 25 mph or less.

However, exceptions to this speed limit would include roads that have 35 mph limits – i.e. 84th Street.

Anyone who lives near 84th Street knows that although the speed limit is 35 mph, that speed limit is rarely obeyed. Most drivers drive over 40 mph.

Also, it seems like a coincidence that the member of council who is most interested in passing this ordinance lives at Hooker Lake and 84th Street.

Several years ago, the council attempted to pass an ordinance allowing ATVs on Salem Lakes roads. This ordinance was not passed, but there are people in the area who constantly ride their ATVs on these roads.

Rules for driving ATVs on the roads are not enforced, how will the rules for driving golf carts be enforced? We no longer live in a rural area where that is a safe idea.

A board member called it the “wave of the future”. If this order is passed, chances are there is no future for someone who could be seriously injured or worse.

This ordinance should not be adopted for the convenience of the few. Hopefully this ordinance will not pass for the safety of many.

Thomas and Keni Rosko, Lakes of Salem