Tiger Woods could use a golf cart

When Tiger Woods announced his commitment to next week’s PNC Championship, golf fans celebrated and quickly began to wonder how well he would compete. The PNC format is a two-player scramble, with different golfers of different ages and abilities starting from different distances.

He intentionally forgives, allowing the pros to play with less than his maximum health. Having a partner also relieves Woods’ pilot (although it may put more on that of his son and partner, Charlie, whose soaring tee shots have placed the team in a frequent wedge fork. last year.) be able to use a golf cart.

The “decision” is actually too dramatic, as the Cabin Attendant does not restrict the use of the cart. “Golf carts are permitted at this event. No ADA application / approval process here, ”a Tour spokesperson told Golf.com. A new career as a mental coach, alongside some of the best golfers in the world to train them to success and accompany them through difficult times.

This is what seems to have undertaken Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics (also in the name of friendship). A great enthusiast of golf, many now define him as the “secret weapon” of green totems like Jon Rahm, number one in the world rankings, and Jordan Spieth, the Texan who, after a long period of crisis, returns in 2021 to amaze.

“He’s a great guy, he’s been through a lot as a sportsman and he’s the all-time greatest Olympian with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. I’m not going to reveal what I asked him but i can say he has helped me a lot in the last period.

These are the revelations of the Spaniard Rahm. For the legendary swimmer, nicknamed ‘the Baltimore Shark’, important words also came from Spieth, now 12 / o in the world rankings. “The mental aspect is something I’ve been working on a lot with him lately.

I am really lucky to have him around me. He is also a great amateur of golf and having it more and more in our world is an added value. “This is the opinion of Spieth who played yesterday, alongside Phelps, the Pro-Am of the BMW Championship, the second in the Pga Tour Play-Offs starting today in Owing Mills (USA), Maryland.