Travel Backpack Inspo: 10 under $200 to add to your cart

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A good backpack is a travel essential. Long weekend ? There’s a backpack for that. Hiking through the Catskills? There’s a backpack for that too. A quick flight to Miami? Now there’s definitely a backpack for that. Whether you like to travel light or need something sturdy to go with your carry-on, there are plenty of backpack styles to choose from. And if you need help trying to decide, we’ve got you covered, too.

The suitcase that is not a suitcase…

Do you hate dragging a bulky suitcase? This is the perfect backpack for you. It has a clamshell opening – meaning it opens like a book – allowing for easy packing and unpacking. This design is also surprisingly lightweight for its durability. And it also comes with padded laptop and tablet sleeves for those of you who can’t leave home without their electronics. ($170, Cotopaxi)

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A backpack for the daytripper…

If you know you’re going to be on your feet all day, there’s no better choice than the Osprey Daylite Plus backpack. This backpack has thousands of rave reviews on Amazon and is universally loved. It fits everything you would need in a day and has tons of compartments to keep you organized. Although it is light enough for all-day use, it can hold a heavy load. ($109.99+, Amazon)

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A backpack for the weekend jet-setter…

Going on a quick trip for a long weekend? Consider a backpack like this that’s easy to carry and pack. It has a classic design on the outside balanced by an innovative clamshell design when you open it. Not only does it hold everything you need for an overnight trip, but its everyday look also makes it ideal for transporting to the office or the gym. ($78, Beis)

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A spacious and stylish travel bag that holds everything you need…

If you like a bit of glamor but don’t want to sacrifice functionality, you have to get this beautiful backpack. It comes with four main compartments – plus one for a laptop – so you don’t have to worry about running out of space. And did we mention it’s gorgeous? We know we made it, but we can’t underestimate its chevron detailing and gold zippers. ($69.99+, Amazon)

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A functional backpack that also serves as a charger…

Everything about this backpack screams functionality. It has a wide opening, which makes packing and unpacking very easy. Plus, it has tons of compartments so you don’t have to search for that lip balm you packed. But the fame of this bag is its built-in USB charging port. So if your phone breaks down and you’re on the go, this backpack will come with a pouch. ($33.99+, Amazon)

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A bag for traveling with a small…

Try this diaper bag that’s so much more than a diaper bag. You’ll love the changing pad that comes with it and the clips that let you attach it to your stroller. And if you’re not a parent, this backpack still fits. Its neoprene material is super comfortable and can hold a lot, be it a baby bottle or a cell phone. ($200, Dagne Dover)

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A cozy and stylish backpack…

Covered in the same cozy material as the diaper bag, this bag is known for its comfort. Instead of feeling stiff like other backpacks, this material is soft, squishy and conforms perfectly to your back. But that’s not all. It comes with an inside pocket for your water bottle and an additional removable mini pouch that you can use as a makeup bag or for your toiletries. Seriously, the makers of this backpack have thought of everything – it even comes with a shoe bag to separate your shoes. ($200, Dagne Dover)

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A waterproof bag perfect for a hike…

Are you planning to go on an adventure in rough terrain? Check out this backpack. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it’s also practical and can carry up to 30 liters of stuff, perfect for a day hike. It comes with a hip belt, a walking stick attachment and a safety whistle. You know, in case you need to keep bears away. ($140, osprey)

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The small but mighty backpack…

If you don’t want to feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, you might want to try the sleek and stylish Everywhere Zip from Away. It can hold all your essentials, from toiletries to a change of clothes, but it’s never bulky. It’s specifically designed for the traveler who doesn’t need too much stuff to get by…or who plans to take a big suitcase with them for the ride. And if you are one of these, here is an overview of the suitcases this will greatly facilitate your travels. ($175, outdoors)

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A travel bag that does it all…

Sports bag, backpack or shoulder bag, this bag is the queen of versatility. Its largest model can hold up to five days worth of stuff and still counts as carry-on. And it comes in a mini if ​​you want something small and sweet. Seriously, this bag is perfect. A ring for your keys? To verify. A lockable zipper? To verify. Universal alpine grade, double stitched for durability? Check and recheck. ($159, moon baboon)

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