Tried Kroger’s new self-checkout – strange, but will be a game changer for Christmas shopping

A SHOPPER discovered and reviewed the new Kroger self-service shopping cart, which she believes will be a game-changer for holiday shopping.

Casey, who uses the TikTok handle @caseyscuriouscreations, shared his experience with the new Kroger shopping cart in a recent video.


Kroger recently introduced new self-service shopping cartsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Casey shared more about his experience with the basket


Casey shared more about his experience with the basketCredit: tiktok/caseyscuriouscreations
Casey says the cart will be a game-changer for holiday shopping


Casey says the cart will be a game-changer for holiday shoppingCredit: tiktok/caseyscuriouscreations

“Checking out self-service shipping carts?!?! Kroger is taking shopping to the next level,” the caption read.

“They don’t have any where I’m from,” she said.

She discovered the cart, known as KroGo, at a Kroger store in Ohio.

Casey used the tutorial offered by the shopping cart.

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She placed her reusable bags and personal items in the cart before she started shopping, as shown in the tutorial.

The tutorial also showed him how to scan barcodes and search for items.

She thinks it will be a “phenomenal” tool for stores to roll out ahead of the holidays.

“There’s no better way to beat a line than to check it out yourself,” Casey said.

Kroger has shared more information about self-checkout carts on its website.

One of the biggest benefits, they say, is the ability to see your current purchase totals to help you stick to your budget.

The store also recommends swiping your Kroger Card before you start shopping.

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Some items cannot be purchased through self-checkout carts, including gift cards, pharmacy items, and paper coupons.

The carts also only accept credit and debit cards, so if you’re paying cash or EBT, you may have to forgo using a self-service payment cart.