Ultralife launches new cart power solutions at HIMSS

Manufacturer of medical batteries Ultralife showcases its new URS-X5 Medical Cart Power System in booth 1217 at the HIMSS Spring Event, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida starting March 15 to 17, 2022.

The company will also launch a new cart power solution for pole carts and mobile carts at the event.

The power system is designed for cart users with power-hungry electronics or who require 120 VAC. It can power them using mains power or, when mains power is not available or practical, using Ultralife’s hot-swappable URB-X5 batteries, the Integrable U1 Smart Battery, or a hybrid combination of the two. Ultralife recently upgraded its 12V U1 smart battery offering an almost 20% increase in energy from 492Wh to 584Wh (and plans to launch a 24V version later this year). URB-X5 batteries offer 276 Wh and can be charged on board the power system or removed from specially designed cradles for charging.

To keep the power system running during the hot-swappable battery change, the optional internal backup battery (URB0025) can power the system for at least five minutes, even when the system is fully charged.

Due to the number of batteries that can be used with the power system, a state-of-charge indicator has been designed to display the status of each connected battery in one convenient place. Called “The Track”, due to two charging status indicator bars that join to form a racetrack-like shape, the pendant displays remaining battery life in range (hours/minutes) and percentages.

Need only USB-C or USB-A power?

During and after HIMSS 2021, Ultralife spoke extensively to manufacturers and cart users about their energy needs. One of the main takeaways from these discussions was that users of pole carts and mobile carts can only have devices that require USB-C or USB-A connectivity for power (not 120 VAC power). , such as tablets/iPads or instruments.

Building on this knowledge, Ultralife created the UCA-X5 LITE. The specially designed UCA-X5 LITE cradle is mounted where the URS-X5 power system would normally be placed. This cradle design along with the standard URB-X5 battery can supply DC power to laptops, tablets/iPads and other devices that are normally connected to a USB-C or USB-A port.

Eric Lind, Vice President of Business Operations and Business Development at Ultralife, said, “Last year’s HIMSS expo provided invaluable insight into the current frustrations cart users and manufacturers have with their batteries, which allowed our engineers to further develop the X5 power solutions. We encourage all cart manufacturers and users who feel their current cart power needs are not being met to visit us at HIMSS in Orlando.

The Ultralife team can also offer pre-engineered batteries for use in ventilators, x-ray and imaging equipment and more, as well as non-rechargeable cells for remote patient monitoring, asset tracking and more. When a standard battery is not available, Ultralife offers custom design and manufacture of batteries and chargers. Participants, who need a battery they would like to discuss, can make an appointment online with Ultralife’s experts.