Uttar Pradesh: Woman gives birth on bicycle cart after ambulance fails to cover 15km distance in an hour in India

A woman was forced to give birth on a roadside bicycle cart in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh after an ambulance failed to arrive in time.

The woman’s family called an ambulance when she gave birth on Tuesday evening. However, despite waiting for an hour, the ambulance did not arrive at their home in Ramwapur village, Basti district, state.

According to the woman’s mother-in-law, Sona Devi, the family dialed the emergency number 102 to call an ambulance from a community health centre.

When the ambulance failed to cover a distance of 15km in an hour, the family again called the service provider, who gave them insurance, the local daily reported. Daïnik Bhaskar.

As the woman’s condition worsened, her family took her to the main road to wait for the ambulance. Later, a bicycle cart was brought from the village to take him to the hospital.

A video shared on social media showed the woman sitting on the trolley and holding her newborn son after the successful delivery. She was later admitted to a community health center in the town of Kaptanganj, where at least five ambulances were parked outside.

“His treatment started immediately after his admission to the hospital. Both mother and child are safe. This information was passed on to senior officials. Both mother and child were discharged home on Wednesday after treatment,” said lead physician MK Chaudhary.

Last week, a woman died minutes after giving birth to a baby girl after an accident on a road in Uttar Pradesh.

Eight-month-pregnant Kamini was traveling to her parents’ house with her husband on a two-wheeler when her husband, Ramu, lost control of his bike as he tried to pull away from an oncoming car .

The woman was run over by a truck and gave birth in a seriously injured condition.

She was forced to give birth on the road but could not survive the injuries and died minutes after the baby girl emerged unharmed from her womb.