Villager to lose license when arrested for drunk driving golf cart after drinking beer at Sonny’s

Roger Edmond Gagne

A villager will lose his driver’s license following an arrest for drunk driving with a golf cart after drinking beer at Sonny’s BBQ in Lake Sumter Landing.

Roger Edmond Gagné, 72, who lives at 811 Orchid St. on the historic Villages side, pleaded no contest last week in Lake County court to a driving under the influence charge. He will lose his driver’s license for a year, was placed on probation for a year and was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service, although he can “buy out” at the rate of $10 an hour. As part of his probation, he was ordered not to possess or consume alcohol and he must seek an alcohol evaluation and follow treatment recommendations.

Gagne was driving a red Yamaha golf cart on June 24 when he drove down La Grande Boulevard and La Plaza Drive, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. Gagne had been called to the scene to pick up an acquaintance involved in an unrelated accident. When the Rhode Island native arrived on the scene, officers noticed he appeared to be under the influence. He “had difficulty forming sentences and appeared to have slurred speech and slowness,” according to the arrest report. He had to use the golf cart to balance himself. He attempted to participate in field sobriety drills, but the drills had to be cut short because Gagne was “too drunk to stand” and refused to follow instructions, according to the arrest report. Gagne said he went to Sonny’s earlier in the day where he consumed six bottles of Miller Light beer. He provided breath samples which both recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.196.