WATCH: Bihar’s ‘Chaiwali graduate’ says her cart has been confiscated again and she will close up shop

Bihar’s famous ‘Chaiwali graduate’ Priyanka Gupta has alleged that Patna Municipal Corporation authorities repeatedly confiscated her cart as she demanded permission to set up the stall. The Bihar economics graduate has her stall near Patna Women’s College. In a video that has gone viral, Gupta said her booth was confiscated for the second time and it was misogyny that led authorities to harass her.

“Most of you know me – Chaiwali graduate…the so-called Chaiwali graduate,” she said in the viral video. “I forgot my limits. I thought I was doing something different in Bihar that’s why y’all were supporting me…but this is Bihar. Here, the women are confined to the kitchen. Girls are not allowed to move on,” an inconsolable Gupta said in the video.

She said there were many carts in Patna, many of which were set up illegally. People are even selling alcohol illegally, she says. But if a girl starts her own business, she gets harassed again and again, Gupta said.

“I forgot that I had to be confined only to cooking, getting married and doing housework. Doing business is not my right,” Gupta said.

“I have already obtained permission from the commissioner to set up my stand there. So how can my booth be lifted repeatedly without notifying? I lost against the system. Those who booked my franchise, I go to them and give them their money back. I am closing my business and going home,” she said.

She said Nagar Nigam and the Bihar system “showed her her status” and said women should only stay at home and do nothing in Bihar.

In August, Gupta’s stand was seized as part of an anti-encroachment campaign. She contacted Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav and RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav to restore her stand, after which her stand was restored. She said Deputy Commissioner Tejashwi Yadav asked her to write him a letter and the Municipal Deputy Commissioner also assured her of his help. She said she had a license for the booth.

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