With Collitracker, you’ll never lose another cart again

Carts are often still lost, despite all the digitization. It costs money, sometimes very expensive. In one case, it even led to bankruptcy. Also, no carts; no change. Collitracker is a new service that allows up-to-date registration of baskets and guarantees a real-time overview of them.

“” “”Solution

Collitracker solves this problem. You can login and get started directly with this online system. An API reads data from different systems. It hangs, so to speak, under systems that contain the details that people use all the time. This avoids duplication and the overview is kept when things go the worst – when last minute changes are made; a cart removed here, and added there.

Is it so simple? “Yes,” said Soerinder. “There’s no installation. Just log in and get started. Your own way of working doesn’t change. Customers get their own code and ID; that’s all they need. It’s paperless and thanks to digital document registration, you’ll never have to wade through thick folders looking for a shipment from weeks ago – you have everything at your fingertips.

May not widely used
This system and its practical application are now available for nurseries and commercial companies. It is hoped that other sectors, such as the fruit and vegetable sector or bakeries, will also start using it. “Our system is, in theory, suitable for all sectors that use a lot of trolleys, boxes and baskets. Of course, there are sector-specific factors that must be taken into account and which we want to develop further”, explains Soerinder.

“When it comes to floriculture, we want to set it up so you know how many carts have gone out per customer. And how long some have been there. Also think about notifications, for example when a customer exceeds a quantity specific or has the carts longer than a certain time. Or a visual overview by country or region. This is useful for companies that operate within groups; they can easily see where they can get carts when needed. . Or, something else, checking the authenticity of a cart to keep the pool clean.”

Lots to do, as Soerinder well knows. He has been involved in various digitization projects within the floriculture industry. “Collitracker uses new technology, which does not bother users with updates. Apps and other software sometimes crash or hesitate for a while, when the back-end is tinkered with. That can’t happen here. If we work in the background, the customer doesn’t notice anything at all, so his logistics process is not interrupted,” he concludes.

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