Wooj Design founder Sean Kim shares the contents of his shopping cart

Sean Kim is the founder and designer behind Wooj design – the homewares company that believes good design doesn’t have to mean high cost and exploitative labor. Their modern homewares are ethically made using a combination of robotic and artisanal manufacturing methods, allowing the brand to create its products on a manageable scale and keeping its team of 5 in mind. Wooj Design’s bestseller, the wave lampwas one of their most talked about releases to date, bringing together hordes of design enthusiasts – all understandably obsessed with the wave lamp’s 3D printed wavy shape and the warm ambient light it brings to a room.

Wooj Design Founder, Sean Kim

The design wasn’t always on Kim’s radar. Originally a psychology student and later a software engineer, Sean actually attributes burnout to his early experiences as a manufacturer. Seeking to break away from the barrage of screens that punctuated his time as a programmer, Sean devoted his free time to building tangible objects like furniture and household items. It wasn’t long before he caught the design bug and pursued design full-time, marrying his background as an engineer with his passion for designing wearables through technology-driven manufacturing methods like l 3D printing. Sean then started Wooj Design while working on his graduate degree in design, using his technical background to create the unique geometric shapes that Wooj is known for. Today, Sean works with his team to design, craft and assemble Wooj Design’s modern and accessible home accents from the brand’s Brooklyn-based studio. We caught up with Sean to do some shopping and see the design he loves every day. Read on to take a peek inside his basket!

brown clock

“Well, it’s a classic. I have one on my bedside table and it does everything I need while being very unobtrusive. It’s also ensured that I don’t have my phone by my side at night and in the morning, which is always really helpful!

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craighill money clip

“The latent minimalist in me (ugh) identifies with having as little stuff as possible in my pocket. I should probably get it because my current wallet is just my vax card folded in half. I have a Craighill key ring that I love too!

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bath culture disinfectant

“My girlfriend gave me this hand sanitizer at the start of the pandemic and it has become a staple that I always have with me. It smells really, really good (some kind of sparkling cedar or a nice cocktail) and doesn’t seem to dry out my skin when I use it. It’s good!”

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moon pendant light

“This choice is near and dear to my heart. I first discovered the Moon series of Graypants in 2012, when I was just out of university. At the time, their mix of handcrafted and digital production really captured my imagination and led me to experiment with laser cutting and 3D printing. This was effectively the start of my design journey and eventually led me to pursue a graduate design program. I’ve always wanted to meet this team!

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wooj wave lamp

“I designed the Wavy Lamp at the start of the pandemic to take my mind off the (very difficult) state of things at the time. It has since become my studio’s flagship product and allowed us to grow We 3D print and assemble the lamps in our studio in Brooklyn (we used to print and assemble them in my closet), so we get to know each lamp we send.

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