17 Refillable Beauty Brands to Add to Cart in 2022

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As Earth Day 2022 passes us by, we’ve been thinking about the small but mighty steps we can take to work towards a better future for our planet. As the saying goes, there is no planet B and ensuring that our Earth is taken care of is integral to our health, our future and our environmental state. One change you can make in your everyday life is to limit the amount of single-use plastic and disposable packaging in the products you buy, and this list of refillable beauty brands has started the work for you.

While not every product in each brand’s lineup is refillable, the 17 listed in our guide below all stock at least a handful of refillable items, whether that’s a lipstick, a… moisturizer, bronzer, cleanser and more. With a slew of local brands at the forefront of rechargeable – including Emma Lewisham and Tailor Skincare – the idea is certainly on the rise and becoming more mainstream across the beauty and skincare industries. . When a product in your routine runs out, why not purchase one of the alternative versions of the refillable beauty brands below? Take a look and see what’s on the market – maybe you already own a rechargeable beauty product and didn’t even know it.

1. The body shop

2. Emma Lewisham

3. Ethics

4. Aesop (select Australian stores)

5. Chanel Beauty (No. 1 in the Chanel range)

6. Glow Recipe

7. Milk makeup

8. Kiehl’s

9. Siley

10. Tula


12. Fluff Cosmetics

13. YEAH

14. Hourglass

15. L’Occitane

16. Lush

17. Bespoke skincare

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